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The DaVinci Code

The Da Vinci Code and what about this Leonardo Da Vinci
confusion between speculation and fact.

A film follows a professor of symbology, Robert Langdon, as he is called
to the scene of a grisly murder in the Louvre. Along with a young French
cryptographer Sophie Neveu, Langdon tries to solve the message left by the victim
in order to preserve a secret, kept for thousands of years, which could
revolutionise the Christian faith.

_The Da Vinci Code_ is a mystery/detective novel by American
author Dan Brown,
The plot of the novel involves a conspiracy by the Catholic Church to cover
up the "true" story of Jesus. The Vatican knows it is living a lie but does
so to keep itself in power. The novel has helped generate popular interest
in speculation concerning the Holy Grail legend and the role of Mary Magdalene
in the history of Christianity.

Concerns the attempts of solving the murder of renowned curator
Jacques Saunière of the Louvre Museum in Paris.

refers, among other things, to the fact that Saunière's body is found in the Denon Wing of the Louvre naked and posed like Leonardo da Vinci's famous drawing,
the Vitruvian Man


with a cryptic message written beside his body
and a Pentagram drawn on his stomach in his own blood.

The interpretation of hidden messages
inside Leonardo's famous works,
including the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, figure prominently in
the solution to the mystery.

The main conflict in the novel revolves around the solution to two mysteries:
What secret was Saunière protecting that led to his murder?
Who is the mastermind behind his murder?

The unraveling of the mystery requires the solution to a series of
brain-teasers, including anagrams and number puzzles.
The solution itself is found to be intimately connected with the possible
location of the Holy Grail and to a mysterious society called the
Priory of Sion, as well as to the Knights Templar.
The story also involves a fictional rendition of the Catholic organization Opus Dei.

Secret of the Holy Grail

In the The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci

the figure at the right hand of Jesus is supposedly not the apostle
John, but Mary Magdalene. According to the book Mary Magdalene
was the wife of Jesus Christ and was in fact pregnant with his child at
the time of his crucifixion. The absence of a chalice in the painting
supposedly indicates that Leonardo knew that Mary Magdalene
was actually the Holy Grail (the bearer of Jesus' blood). This is said
to be reinforced by the letter "M" that is created with the bodily
positions of Jesus, Mary, and the male apostle (Saint Peter) upon
whom she is leaning. The apparent absence of the "Apostle John",
under this interpretation, is explained by identifying John as
"the Disciple Jesus loved", allegedly code for Mary Magdalene.
The Mona Lisa is actually a self-portrait by Leonardo as a woman.
The androgyny reflects the sacred union of male and female which is
implied in the holy union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Due to speculations and alleged misrepresentations of core aspects
of Christianity, the history of the Roman Catholic Church, and
descriptions of European art, history, and architecture.
The book has received mostly negative reviews from Catholic and
Christian communities, as well as historians.

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