Sunday, May 07, 2006

Case-Based Reasoning

Case-Based Reasoning relation to
Genetic algorithm and Data mining.

Case-based reasoning has been formalized for purposes
of computer reasoning as a four-step process:

Retrieve: Given a target problem, retrieve cases from memory
that are relevant to solving it. A case consists of a problem,
its solution, and, typically, annotations about
how the solution was derived.

Reuse: Map the solution from the previous case to the target problem.
This may involve adapting the solution as needed to fit the new situation.

Revise: Having mapped the previous solution to the target situation,
test the new solution in the real world (or a simulation)
and, if necessary, revise.

Retain: After the solution has been successfully adapted to
the target problem, store the resulting experience as a
new case in memory.

G.A / is a seaerch technique to find approximate solutions
to optimization and search problems .

Data Mining: can be defined as "The nontrivial extraction of implicit,
unknown, and potentially useful information from data"

Leads to what is called :
Justification-Based Truth Maintenance Systems (JTMS)

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