Friday, December 28, 2007

Securing communication protocol traffic (SSH tunneling).

A useful option for secure communication between client/server is to tunnel the communication inside the Secure Shell protocol (SSH).

It can be used to tunnel POP3 and SMTP traffic using ssh.
-Sure u must have both ssh client and ssh server installed on the two ends.
-Create a local ssh tunnel on local machine (ex.port 5110) to the POP3 server's port 110 or SMTP 25
# ssh -f -N -L 5110:localhost:110 user@POP3_server

Or even simply binding to a privileged port (110, the POP port)

# ssh -L 110:mailhost:110 -l user -N mailhost

Same, you can also forward SMTP for outgoing mail (port 25), single ssh line can have multiple -L entries, like this:

# ssh -L 110:mailhost:110 -L 25:mailhost:25 -l user -N mailhost

-U can still check for port forwarded :
Telnet localhost (forwarded port)/
You should see the POP3 server's banner information.

-Finally you have to configure your mail client to access your mail via POP3 using mail server localhost and desired forwarded port.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Home network map modification ( somehow mobility)

I modified my home network somehow to give myself a way to have mobility around ;).

- Firing dhclient on Nixbox ==> IP obtainable automagically
- /etc/network/interfaces modifications
- Downing default gw
- Winbox --(Wlan/Wlan Ad-Hoc)--> NixBox ----> Router
- Firing ipmasq without firewall-configs (dpkg-reconfigure ipmasq)
- Winbox <--(Wlan( <> IPmasq)--> NixBox (Nix Connection masq)
- Noticed.., neither Bind(named) nor DNSmasq is needed, by default named installed.
- Apache/httpd port 80 --NAPT--> <--(inside).

A long time i wondered to furnish this modification, finally ...

Friday, December 21, 2007

"_Someone i have lost long time ago_" Comment.

If you have lost someone close to you, how do you deal with the toughest moments
that hit you and don't always give you warning?

Sadness and suffering make people wiser -
Sadness and suffering will follow us as long as we live -
If you can no longer feel these emotions, it's a sign that you have
stopped growing as a person.
Sadness and suffering enable us to be strong enough to be kind to others.

When a loved one is gone, you'd look for his or her image in everything that you see,
and everything that's within you seek an exact image of how you'd like to see your loved one again, pay an attention when you love again to the one you are loving, as not being your loved one substitute.
Take a good look around you: paying too much attention to what you have lost, lets you neglect what you have/in now.
Look into the bottom of your soul and find what you really need.

Think of loving, and not of being loved.
If there is someone who is in more pain and sorrow than you are,
Give him or her your loving hand and warm support...
feel to be felt...
You have the ability to comfort others to become comforted

Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Long time away:

But there's something happening in me

Simple rules of cooperation with what's nearby lead to unexpected, even startling complexities that you could not have predicted from the rules (emergent phenomena). This is a neat parallel to the way that startling and unexpected phenomena like open-feeling emerge in me.