Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Opinion request:

Should I pursue computer science or computer engineering?

Scientists and engineers are both interested in the nature of things, in understanding how ideas and objects in the world fit together. But in general, they seek to understand the nature of reality with different ends in mind: the scientist seeks this understanding as an end in itself, the engineer in order to build things. Thus CS is closer to the underlying theory of computation, with its roots in mathematics, and CEN is closer to the design of physical devices, with roots in physics and chemistry as well. Students with an urge to build things, to measure how things work in the laboratory, those attracted to physics and chemistry as well as mathematics, should seriously consider CEN. Students with an interest in the true nature of symbols, information and their manipulations, the forms and limits of algorithms and data structures, should consider CS. Of the three great divisions in computing, namely theory, software and hardware, to a first approximation theory goes with CS, hardware with CEN, and software with both, but mainly with CS. The more general the software, the closer to CS; the more hardware-specific, the closer to CEN. Thus a student interested in creating his own new general-purpose computer language would best be served by a CS degree program, while one interested in designing a software interface for a new high speed serial device by the CEN degree program.

i'm interested in both , to do it by myself , i don't care for a degree of engineering to design or implement hardware issues , also to think in an algorithms or to be capable of analysing problems and coming up with algorithms to solve them doesn't require a degree ;), but maybe a guide ; such a career that only needs a hard worker, a practical knowledge, and fast ability to learn . this is my opinion

If you have some infos regarding me or any of both cs or cen in career qualifications or requirements in different places u saw concerning the salary, the position please give an opinion

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Arsany said...

Hey Basha,

Hope it's all going fine :)

Well man, work environment is totally different than the college and theories environment :(
” in work environment responsibility is the worst thing "

And as it's not possible to know all the bugs in a program unless u run it, u will never know what u want to work on until u go live in work environment.

So I think u should start working in what ever field u get chance in, and see if that's what u want to do for the rest of ur life!!! "cuz it may be nice for a week or two but not for life time :)" , if it's not leave it and go for another path, and in our field u have to go through this debugging process for a year or two tell u choose ur path and build ur career.

So in my opinion stop thinking and start acting, go live and see, if u found any open door go for it and see. u always have the choice to change as long as u r not married :) after that GOD help u ;)

Best of all