Monday, January 15, 2007

Scott Shit Racks Blocks

Scott Morris Lab
Some of what's in the four separate rack cabinets:

-Juniper/Netscreen Router, Firewall and SSL VPN Device
- Cobalt/Sun RAQ2+
- Dell PowerEdge 650 (2 x P4-2GHz, 4GB RAM) Running Web-server and primary DNS.
- Trend Micro Network VirusWall 2500
-Cisco IDS-4210 Outside/Inside IDS Sensor
- Juniper/Netscreen IDP-100, ISG-2000, SA-1000, NS-208 , M7i, M5e, M10 and NS-2
- Cisco Catalyst 3750 - 48-port 10/100
-PIC, 4-port T-1 PIC
- Xyplex 1640 Terminal Server
- Cisco MCS, VG-200, 3620, 2611 voice gateway series
- Compaq DL/320 running Call Manager Publisher/subscriber
- Cisco LS-1010 ATM Switch
-Cisco uBR-924 Cable Modems with voice capability
- Cisco 3620 Frame Switch
-Cisco 3620 ISDN Switch

Lab purposes:
Juniper Networks Certified Internet Expert (JNCIE) lab exam.
consulting clients

This path not recommend to anyone unless you have a good amount of business to drive it or unless you see this equipment is great in the winter to heat your house ...!! :D

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