Friday, January 05, 2007

Complicated || not organized __detailed__ manual ...?!

When trying to configure console based mail client from time,
I noticed something ...!
All those complicated manuals regarding MUA<->MTA settings,
just exists to confuse people and discourage them from using their software.
Is it so hard for them to start with a simple configuration ...?!!
Three steps may put you to a working env.

-mutt configuration (in ~/.muttrc)
-SMTP command (~/bin/gmailout)
-ssmtp configuration (/etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf)

Also it was the case from few days when i was Installing/configuring R.Rails / MySQL /Apache
I noticed that maybe a Google search may be more effective than MANs, still the Question..
Gr8 to have a good detailed manual, but also there must be a hint or a pointer to what's related or required of dependencies of software components or third-party packages configurations
.....any comment ... ???!

1 comment:

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