Sunday, January 21, 2007

GoogleAnalytics V.s AW

Google analytics as a __remote-hosting__ statistics analyzer tool;
useful features:

- Browser & Platform Combos versions
- Unique/returner Visitors
- Languages
- Referring Source Google, yahoo....
- Java Enabled
- Geo Location
- Geo Map Overlay
- Flash Version
- Connection Speed
- Network Location
- Top Content/Content by title.
- Depth/Length of Visit
- XML/excel/Tab-separated exportation for every single statistic.

What's in Aw. and not of Google A. :

-rush hours report
-Visits of robots checker
-Worms attacks checker
-Number of times your site is "added to favorites bookmarks".
-Whois links
-Static reports in one or framed HTML/XHTML pages, experimental PDF export.

Aw Requirements :
-Server must log web access in a log file you can read.
-Ability to run Perl scripts (.pl files) from command line and/or as CGI.
-Somehow Aw. can be used locally without server access by either SFTPing all logs but only if they are made accessible and work on them locally, or by using a _trick_ ,
Add a tag to call a CGI script like _pslogger_ into each of the web pages that acquiring analysis . This to have an artificial log file that can be analyzed by AW.

For dereferencing / presentation issues ;

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