Friday, February 04, 2011

There are 3 projects underway to effectively create a government-less Internet.

The necessity of this is illuminated by recent events in Egypt, which include the government “shutting down the Internet.”

One possible option, discussed by geeks for years, is the creation of wireless ad-hoc networks, to eliminate the need for centralized hardware and network connectivity.

we're seeking projects that are specifically aimed at replacing or augmenting the public Internet.

Below few projects working to create such networks.


Openet is a part of the open_sailing project. Openet’s goal is to create a civilian Internet outside of the control of governments and corporations. It aims to not only create local mesh networks, but to build a global mesh network of mesh networks stitched together by long range packet radio.


Netsukuku is a project of the Italian group FreakNet MediaLab. Netsukuku is designed to be a distributed, anonymous mesh network that relies only on normal wireless network cards. FreakNet is even building its own domain name architecture.


Not to be confused with the mesh networking hardware vendor of the same name, OPENMESH is a forum created by venture captalist Shervin Pishevar for volunteers interested in building mesh networks for people living in conditions where Internet access may be limited or controlled.

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