Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Internet Access - dialup links

* dialup modem service

Number: +46850009990 user/pass: telecomix/telecomix

Numbers and logins for dialup modem connections here.
(Only verified numbers, and clean out errorous ones!)

Number User Password
+46850009990 telecomix telecomix
+46850009990 tcx tcx
+331728890150 toto toto
+46187000800 flashback flashback
+34912910230 any user/pass
+3908251872424 no auth needed
+3909241962424 no auth needed
+16033715050 any user/pass
+4721405060 any user/pass
+431962962 selfnet selfnet
+492317299993 telecomix telecomix

## about 12 (25 total, but we only have 12 analog dsps so rest is isdn-only) by
+49 231 97844321 telecomix telecomix
+4953160941030 telecomix telecomix

+31 20 5350535

username password
-------- --------
gypt0001 olinver
gypt0002 hezrass
gypt0003 fraesse
gypt0004 truille
gypt0005 gonamer
gypt0006 lentuff
gypt0007 pabeete
gypt0008 slyhans
gypt0009 koxedin
gypt0010 illemon
gypt0011 dierers
gypt0012 oringly
gypt0013 ditipri
gypt0014 axilmas
gypt0015 firleut
gypt0016 aughdan
gypt0017 divesbo
gypt0018 nockuer
gypt0019 glaiged
gypt0020 ushobly
gypt0021 vullarm
gypt0022 rokeron
gypt0023 nitrist
gypt0024 traubil
gypt0025 aactfus
gypt0026 whigonn
gypt0027 hemlope
gypt0028 pedhoms
gypt0029 hayongs
gypt0030 boverse
gypt0031 nonifol
gypt0032 quirent
gypt0033 lagster
gypt0034 cogymed
gypt0035 tacknor
gypt0036 calking
gypt0037 navsked
gypt0038 pakdeop
gypt0039 hikosca
gypt0040 pivenst
gypt0041 icervat
gypt0042 instron

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