Thursday, December 27, 2007

Home network map modification ( somehow mobility)

I modified my home network somehow to give myself a way to have mobility around ;).

- Firing dhclient on Nixbox ==> IP obtainable automagically
- /etc/network/interfaces modifications
- Downing default gw
- Winbox --(Wlan/Wlan Ad-Hoc)--> NixBox ----> Router
- Firing ipmasq without firewall-configs (dpkg-reconfigure ipmasq)
- Winbox <--(Wlan( <> IPmasq)--> NixBox (Nix Connection masq)
- Noticed.., neither Bind(named) nor DNSmasq is needed, by default named installed.
- Apache/httpd port 80 --NAPT--> <--(inside).

A long time i wondered to furnish this modification, finally ...

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