Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dualism or parallelism

Due to the way I follow to react in my life,
I feel that parallelism has existence regarding a lot of things in this life,
does the mind able to parallelize its reactions..? ,

Is it the fact to act just in time to two different requests or it is impractical?

Is it concerned with your concentration and practice?

Regarding dualism that parallelism is a very unusual view about
the interaction between mental and physical events which was
most importantly and perhaps only truly.

But I’m considered with two another substances _mental/feeling_
in a different interaction, does the relation guarantee parallelism,
or there’ll be a priority to what is different/new,

I.e. the different one prevail the other?

Why the different thing gains priority?

Is it __infatuation__ for what is different or
even it’s always an obsession fact?

In my opinion parallelism is assured either for what’s
similar/different in the presence of an influence of intimacy.

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